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Unless otherwise noted, SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. (“the Company”) and its affiliated companies own the copyrights to all content (text, documents, images, video, etc.) within this website. The content of this website may not be reproduced, repurposed, sold , or otherwise be subject to secondary use, whether for profit or non-profit purposes, without the express consent of the Company.


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The Company’s website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted communications when receiving private information from website users. The use of SSL allows for the safe transmission of website user private information. SSL does not require any settings to be changed on the user’s computer; however, pages using SSL encryption will not display, nor can information be input thereto, when using browsers that are not compatible with SSL, or for which SSL-related settings have been turned off. The Company makes its best efforts to deal with Internet security issues; however, the nature of the Internet allows for the potential alteration/leakage of information; accordingly, the Company cannot guarantee complete security.

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