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Handling of Personal Information

1.Scope of the Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Except in cases prescribed by laws and regulations, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation ("the Company") shall only use personal information within the scope of the purpose of use stipulated below.

Personal Information Handled in Each Type of Service

* Reception Work Services (requests for materials, opinions, inquiries, etc.)
〔1〕 Sending materials
〔2〕 Contact regarding opinions, etc.
〔3〕 Provision of information regarding services and other useful information, etc.
〔4〕 Requesting participation in surveys on improving services, etc.
〔5〕 Various types of statistical processing

* Each Type of Offering/Recruiting Work (campaigns, events, gifts, offering/recruiting, etc.)
〔1〕 Drawings related to each type of offering/recruiting work, sending prizes to winners
〔2〕 Necessary contact for offering/recruiting work
〔3〕 Providing information related to the same type of campaign or event
〔4〕 Requesting participation in surveys on improving services, etc.
〔5〕 Provision of information regarding services operated by the Company and other useful information
〔6〕 Various types of statistical processing
〔7〕 Provision of information to third parties in conjunction with each type of offering/recruiting work

* Communication Services
〔1〕 Work related to verification of identity, billing of usage fees, changes to usage fees/conditions for
     providing used services, construction dates, notification of suspension/termination of used services
     and cancelation of contracts, and other work related to provision of the Company's services
〔2〕 Sending marketing recommendations/questionnaire surveys related to the Company's services,
     gifts, etc., by telephone, e-mail, or postal mail, etc.
〔3〕 Improvement of services or development of new services (each type of statistical processing)
〔4〕 Responses to inquiries/consultation
〔5〕 Provision of information to third parties in conjunction with the provision of communication services

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Personal Information of Shareholders, IR Members, Investors, and Analysts

  • * Shareholders: Sending each type of notification and materials stipulated in the Companies Act, etc.
  • * IR members: Sending the IR mail magazine and responding to questions
  • * Investors/analysts: Notification of each type of IR explanatory meeting, etc.


Personal Information Related to Business Partners

  • * Business partners: Notification, business negotiations, conclusion of contracts, and provision of
     information to assigned staff members, required for business


Personal Information of Applicants for Employment

  • * Applicants for employment: Decisions related to hiring, notification of interviews, notification of
     hiring results


Personal Information Related to the Contents of Video Recordings, Audio Recordings, and E-mail

  • * Video recordings from surveillance cameras inside facilities: Crime prevention, disaster prevention,
     and other safety management
  • * Audio recordings of conversations/e-mail records: Confirmation of the contents of customer demands
     and requests, etc., improvement of the quality of handling, information security management
  • * Sender information (sender telephone number displayed on the telephone): Returning calls to customers


2.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except in cases prescribed by laws and regulations and cases in which the customer has given prior consent regarding the recipient at the time services are provided, etc., the Company shall not provide third parties with personal information without the prior consent of the person in question.


3.Outsourcing of Work Involving Personal Information

Personal information held by the Company may be provided for outsourced information processing and other purposes. The Company shall only select outsourcing companies that fulfill the selection criteria established by the Company for managing personal information, and shall undertake appropriate management and monitoring.


4.Personal Information Details

In its handling of personal information, the Company shall obtain the minimum amount of personal information necessary to conduct its business.


5.Disclosure/Correction (Addition/Removal) of Personal Information, Discontinuation of
 Use (Deletion), Termination of Provision to Third Parties

Customer service representative

Please contact the customer service representative below regarding the disclosure, correction, addition, removal, use, deletion, or suspension of provision to third parties of personal information.

■Disclosure Officer, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation Personal Information Protection Office

Phone: 03-5571-7989 (10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.)
E-mail: privacy@skyperfectv.co.jp

Details are available here.


6.Complaints and Consultation Regarding Personal Information

Complaints and consultation related to personal information are handled by the customer service representative indicated above (5. Customer service representative).

Details are available here.


7.Period of Holding Personal Information

〔1〕The period of holding personal information shall be the shortest period stipulated in laws and regulations,
     etc., and necessary for the Company's business.
〔2〕Personal information that has completed that holding period shall be completely deleted.


8.Accredited Personal Information Protection Organizations

The Company is a target company of the Telecommunications Personal Information Protection Promotion Center, which is an accredited personal information protection organization, in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
Please contact us with any questions or concerns, etc., regarding the handling of personal information in the communication services of the Company's space business.

■Japan Data Communications Association

Telecommunications Personal Information Protection Promotion Center
Phone: 03-5907-3803

※Details regarding accredited personal information protection organizations related to
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Websites operated by the Company utilize the following security measures and customer identification in order to enable our customers use the websites without worry.

〔1〕Identity authentication

Authentication of user identity may be required on the website. The purpose of identity authentication is to increase reliability when using the website.

〔2〕Utilization of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

We use the cryptographic communication technology SSL for Internet transmissions. The purpose is to protect data by encrypting personal information and other information when transmitting it via the Internet.


10.Use of Cookies

The Company may use cookies to collect certain information for use in analyzing customers' use of our website. Such analysis shall not include any personal information that could be used to identify the customer.
Customers may also disable the use of cookies in their browser settings. (See "(3) Disabling cookies" below for details.)

〔1〕What are cookies?

Cookies are a technology in which, when the user accesses a specific website, the web server sends the computer (or smartphone, tablet, or other device with Internet connectivity), etc., being used a certain data file, which is stored on the device. This allows the web server to identify the status of prior use on the device when the user accesses the same website again. Specifically, customer browsing history on the website (activity history on the website) and other such information are stored.

〔2〕Purpose of using cookies

The Company uses that history for the following purposes.
*Investigation/analysis of use of the Company website
The history is used to analyze use when customers visit the Company website, and to improve the ease of use in the future. Such investigation/analysis does not include any personal information that could be used to identify the customer.

〔3〕Disabling cookies

Customers can change settings related to sending and receiving cookies.
Because the method of changing settings differs according to the specific browser, please check the "Help" menu on your browser.

Please be aware that changing the cookie settings in your browser may prevent the use of some of the functions on the website, such as being unable to use services that require authentication.

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The Company reviews and amends this privacy policy as necessary in order to ensure that customers can use the Company's services without worry. In such cases, this page will be updated promptly.

Final revision date: June 29, 2018