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Space Business

Enhancing the fun convenience and safety of daily life.

SKY Perfect JSAT is Japan's only satellite operator. With our satellites covering all of Japan and Asia, as well as Oceania and North America, it is also the largest satellite operator in Asia. This extensive network is used to support one of our two core business activities: program transmission via the SKY PerfecTV! multichannel pay TV services, as well as provision of relay circuits for terrestrial television stations.

Satellite communications networks also play a vital role in safety and security. Local governments and utilities use this technology to establish disaster-response and crisis management communications infrastructure.

A key advantage of satellite communications technology is the ability to distribute high-definition digital video to multiple locations in real time. This is reflected in the growing use of this technology in fields ranging from education and healthcare to business. Another important use for satellite communications is the provision of communications services to meet needs that cannot be filled using terrestriallines, such as mobile communications and communications services in mountainous regions or on remote islands. We plan to establish a major presence in the MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) market through JSAT MOBILE Communications Inc., which was established in October 2008.

SKY Perfect JSAT will continue to enhance and expand its services in the field of satellite communications, which have become an integral part of daily life. We are also committed to the dynamic global expansion of our business activities, including the sale of circuits in Asia, and joint initiatives with Intelsat, the world's largest satellite operator.

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