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Media Business

Delivering worthwhile content in terms of both quality and volume.

SKY Perfect JSAT began operations in October 1996 as “PerfecTV!,” a digital broadcaster in the Japanese market. Today, as Japan’s only domestic CS digital platform operator, we own and manage the “SKY PerfecTV!” multichannel pay TV broadcast service.

We have offered the three multichannel pay satellite broadcasting services: “SKY PerfecTV!,” “SKY PerfecTV! e2,” and “SKY PerfecTV! HIKARI,” but we unified them into “SKY PerfecTV!” in October 2012. As of now, we have about 3.4 million subscribers.

In order to expand our multichannel satellite broadcasting services, we will promote subscription and conduct the loyalty program, etc. to increase customer satisfaction.

We continue to enrich the contents, such as sports and music of our own channels, including BS SKY PerfecTV! to differentiate our platform from those of competitors.

We also offer the on-demand service for new devices, promote 4K services, and develop highly functional digital tuners, in a proactive manner.

Service Menu

SKY PerfecTV!

SKY Perfect JSAT offers its multichannel pay TV services under the name SKY PerfecTV!. We are providing a wide variety of multichannel pay TV services utilizing our satellite and optic fiber networks to encourage even more people to come and experience the enjoyment of SKY PerfecTV! Subscribers are able to join for only one channel, and we also have a wide variety of packages and sets available. In addition to this, we are also expanding the functions of our Customer Centers and enhancing our Web-based and other support services, working to increase the quality of our service.

If you want to watch more programs or more high definition programs

Comprehensive lineup, including SKY PerfecTV!

High picture quality; All high definition channels Outstanding number of channels Television 259 channels Radio 100 channels On-demand service available

*Exclusive tuner and antenna necessary.

If you want to use optical fiber networks to watch TV

SKY PerfecTV! to watch via optical fibers

If your area or apartment is equipped with oprical fibers,you can enjoy the comprehensive lineup of SKY PerfectTV!without installing an antenna.

*Exclusive tuner necessary.

Media Center

Media Center Photography:Yasuhiro Ogawa

We aim for reliable, high-quality multichannel broadcasting services. The company delivers consistent programs through the  SKY PerfecTV! Tokyo Media Center, where we uplink broadcasts, develop transmission equipment and route broadcasts. Digital compression is used for the program elements that we receive from approximately 100 broadcasters via optical fiber. The center also handles such important roles as multiplexing our electronic program guide with other data for transmission to the ground transmission facilities that serve as our uplink sites. No matter how advanced the content or new the information, it cannot be appreciated unless delivered to subscribers. We look forward to continuing to deliver quality broadcasts, drawing onthis center’s expertise in digital broadcasting technology.

Customer Center

Customer Center

Customers'questions and requests help us grow.

We are now accompanied the diverse needs that require a rapidly changing media, because we maintain and improve customer satisfaction for high multi-channel broadcast service, the demand for serious dialogue with our customers. In response to that situation, the company, SKY Perfect Customer Relations is providing customer service to respond appropriately to the opinions and requests of our customers asked every day. The importance of communication with each customer, we will respond with rapid response and high credibility polite.

Operating “WAKUWAKU JAPAN” for overseas distribution

SKY Perfect JSAT has started to operate a channel called “WAKUWAKU JAPAN” that offers Japanese programming for overseas. WAKUWAKU JAPAN was launched in Indonesia on February 22, 2014 as the broadcaster’s first foray into distributing programming overseas. SKY Perfect JSAT is aiming to leverage experience gained in Indonesia to begin future broadcasting in multiple countries, particularly Southeast Asia. WAKUWAKU JAPAN broadcasts all made-in-Japan content, 24 hours a day in local languages, with the objective of providing people around the world with the opportunity to enjoy Japanese programming. With the launch of WAKUWAKU JAPAN, SKY Perfect JSAT will not simply operate a broadcasting business, but is also making various preparations with several Japanese companies that are looking into entering Asia through made-in-Japan content.


Website for the channel : https://www.wakuwakujapan.com/en/